I had the rare opportunity to go out with my partner yesterday. We have kids…enough said. Over a light lunch I asked my partner for some starting points for blogs, some inspiration from which to write about.  He’s quite good …

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Doing whatever is necessary

“…and doing whatever is necessary to achieve and sustain a creative life” This is one of Tarcher’s (1999) principles for creators, the others being hushing the mind (yeh right), holding the intention to create, making creative choices, honouring the creative …

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…on being enough

Having lacked confidence forever and being constantly in search of reassurance that I am doing well, I feel I have necessary qualifications to write this article. Practicing the affirmation “I am enough” has made me aware of how not believing …

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…on simplicity

Simplicity on toast We seem to try a bit too hard at most things these days. Take “simplicity” for example.  I often hear myself saying I’m gonna work (note the word “work”) to simplify my life. Already I am primed …

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