Wine bottlesI had the rare opportunity to go out with my partner yesterday. We have kids…enough said. Over a light lunch I asked my partner for some starting points for blogs, some inspiration from which to write about.  He’s quite good at this and really gets what I mean and suggested a couple of ideas but it was later that day, during our planned outing that the best idea arrived into my fuzzy head.

We had tickets to a wine tasting afternoon, and I had already had a serious chat with myself about hangovers, my inability to handle wine these days and the need to get home at a reasonable hour for the babysitters.

But the afternoon was great fun. You were given a wine glass that you kept for the whole time and a catalogue in case you wanted to buy some wine (fat chance!). Around the sides of this large hall there must have been around 25 tables all labelled with different wine producing countries in the world. Each table had around 5 or 6 different wines making about 120 wines to try…and that was before you counted the cham