Brighton – final of Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018

Something I didn’t mention in my blog about the semi-final at Felixstowe was my growing desire to be in the final so I could carry out the challenge set by the judges. I found this slightly weird as I had never enjoyed commissions in the past, but this felt different. Perhaps it was the competition which seemed to be bringing out different things in me. Things which I was clearly enjoying! Whilst I had some little moments of crisis, I had basically chuckled and gurned my way through my heat and the semi-final, and the thought of a commission no longer held the dread it has done in the past.

The Challenge

In previous years the additional painting carried out as part of the competition final had been called a commission. But this year they called it a “challenge” as it wasn’t just about painting at a given location, there were additional requirements. Once at our given location, mine being Brighton, we were presented with the following brief: