Vulnerability welcome here!

It keeps coming up, this vulnerability thing. From the day I watched Brene Brown’s amazing TED talk, very few days have passed where I haven’t contemplated the strength and benefits of vulnerability and the requirement to tackle the associated shame.
In creativity we know how important it is to let go, loosen up, let things crumble, allow things to be really uncertain and messy.

Creating something really new, something transformational, rather than just a re-hash or re-jig, requires raw materials. I think of like of it as if it were the dawn of time, when all that existed was the “quantum soup” of life…the protons, atoms, some early proteins and swirling energetic patterns all waiting for creation to occur.

That may sound a bit far-fetched, but creation can’t occur in a vacuum and the desire to be creative, write a book, develop a body of artist work or come up with a transformational innovation (NOTE creativity is required first!) really needs the following conditions:

– Let go of and break up the old stuff, at least in your imagination, so that you can add rich material to your quantum soup, or if you like, your compost heap!
– Be comfortable with the stillness, calm or emptiness that occurs before the spark occurs
– Follow your intuition, noticing the things which arise and pay attention to the things that interest you
– K