Being inside the chrysalis, amongst the creative gloop

Last year, I needed to really focus, really hide myself away and immerse myself in a new project – a big one. I started to tell people that I wouldn’t be around for a bit, I would probably be turning down invites etc.crysallis

As I entered this phase, it really felt like I was a caterpillar, creating a chrysalis around myself in readiness for transformation. As I thought about this metaphor more and more, I looked up what actually happens in the stages of forming a chrysalis and transforming into a butterfly. I knew it would help me, but bear with me…

1) First the caterpillar digs his end feet into the twig and creates a small link (apologies if they are not called feet, I am not a biologist).
2) Then he lowers his head and rest of body down into a J shape
3) Then he spins the cocoon around himself
4) Then his body breaks down into a sticky gloop
5) The cleaver DNA use this cellular gloop to build a butterfly
6) He then breaks out of the cocoon and flutters off all pretty

OK. So he