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Coaching Creativity: transforming your practice

Creativity is a sexy word isn’t it? There is so much buzz about creativity in the coaching profession, the business world, but also society as a whole. Everybody wants to be more creative; whatever that means!

Coaching works with creativity in three main ways:

  • Coaching itself is a creative process and we need to understand that better.
  • Creative “doing” can enhance our coaching (art, writing, games, improv and many other things.)
  • Coaching can also activate and support our client’s creativity.

Whilst basic coach training helps coaches develop their core competencies such as listening, enquiring, relating, contracting etc. there is a world beyond this, a world that I like to frequently visit. And perhaps you would like to visit too?

My book “Coaching Creativity: transforming your practice” teaches you all you need to know about creativity and guides you through various tools and techniques you can use in your coaching work.

This book is rich and has real depth. It will change the way you coach!

Professor Simon Western, Adjunct Professor, University College Dublin.

Intellectually provocative while at the same time inviting us to experiment with fresh coaching directions.

Dr Daniel Doherty, Middlesex Business School.

Jen Gash’s book is a clever and comprehensive take on coaching and creativity, weaving together science and the arts. Its scope extends from the philosophical roots of creativity to coaching future innovation.

Miriam Akhtar MAPP, Positive Psychologist.
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Discovery Party

Discovery Party is a different way to use coaching in a creative way, which has benefits for all involved. It will change the way you work with people and market your coaching services, forever

Discovery Party is NOT just another set of coaching resources or a marketing tool for coaches – it is so much more. It’s a unique system which provides huge benefits to coaches including:

  • ready to use creative, fun activities and games in a party format;
  • suitable for a variety of client groups and settings, including home parties, team workshops and away-days;
  • a unique method to help coaches build a tribe and market themselves whilst getting paid!
  • Free follow up resources for after the party and ways to keep in touch with potential clients.

Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 : Jen Gash

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