Through being a coach for over 15 years I realised that coaching was often only accessed by those in high income jobs and I didn’t want it to be that way, because benefits gained from seeing a professional coach are life-changing and should be available to everyone.

DP is not a group therapy session, it is a set of resources that are made for anyone to use at home, in the office or any workplace setting, in schools and even for professional coaches to use as part of their practice (see this page for more info on resources for coaches). DP offers an easy-to-follow formula with fun games that stimulate discussion and encourage us to be ourselves and develop life skills in a fun and interactive way.

Discovery Party combines coaching with party games and activities to help people access coaching in a fun, affordable and low-pressure way.

Coaching is often associated with high-flying executives, those needing business support or rich celebrities wanting their lives to be better, but it is so much more than that. A coach works with a client, to enable change and work towards achieving a personal or professional goal. Coaching can be applied to any area of your life where you are seeking change or want to feel different. Some people come to coaching to plan a career move, make a health change, start a new business, improve a relationship or start a new hobby!

I wanted the essence of coaching – the processes and mindset to be available to everyone. And I wanted this to be achieved in a fun, low-pressure way, where individuals didn’t feel like they had to hold back.

People have fun at parties, we relax and enjoy ourselves and our true selves come out. Speaking freely about our lives, experiences and problems can be a bit daunting and the concept wouldn’t work if people felt like they couldn’t share!

Who knows?! It is different for everyone. We are all unique and have something to offer, so why not look at the different versions available, see what it is about and choose one that suits you:

If you are a school, community group or a charity you can print out a FREE party pack.

If you want to hold your own Discovery Party at home with your friends, you can buy a home edition to print at home, for only £10.

If you are a Coach and want to run parties with your local community and use Discovery Party to build your business, you buy the full version and all training materials.