Artist, writer,coach & creator of helpful things
"Putting creative practice, back at the core of my work"
- Jen Gash

Born in Kent but now living in South Gloucestershire, Jen pretends she lives in Bristol! Sometimes she is Jen with one ‘n’ sometimes with two.

Jen started painting at 15, producing large scale oil paintings which are still on show in Kent. Pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy, she combined her love of creativity with her beliefs around wellbeing and health.  Jen is also a qualified creativity coach and consultant.

Each summer Jen travels to Edinburgh College of Art to continue her studies. Happily, this is in August allowing her to enjoy the Fringe and indulge in lots of comedy!

Jen paints quite large works dependent on mood, opportunity and space. Her work is varied reflecting her personality and passion for exploring a variety of forms and ideas. Recent works are drawn from her musings about life stories, memories and unseen realities.

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