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Creative business planning

Growing Potential: Find out why the key to creating a flourishing business, can be found in your garden….

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Creativity for Coaches

Creativity is the way forward. Whether you are a coach, facilitator or therapist, Jens recent book will transform your practice

Discovery Party

Changing the world, one party at a time… People learn best through play and our unique Discovery Party helps you discover how you want your life to look and learn some coaching skills…and its all done in a fun way.

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Text on Toast

Inspirational toast artwork…something for everyone to get their teeth into.

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Welcome to my website “Creative Doing and Being” the home of me, Jen Gash. I paint paintings, write, speak and create other things which help people live full, creative lives. I have painted all my life and am interested in: the landscape as psychology/psychological backdrop; the fragility of children and teenagers; themes around engagement/disengagement in activities; abandoned play and leisure environments. These painting themes also reflect my career in occupational therapy and coaching. Although it might sound like a strange mix, all these disciplines have a creative heart and believe in the potential for human beings to live engaged, meaningful lives. Outside of this, I am a bit of a geek and love the neuro and occupational science involved in the creative process, how we tackle risk taking as human beings and also stop ourselves from sabotaging our well-intentioned plans!

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Golden Retriever who does not retrieve but is very good at getting muddy and wet. Constantly craves attention and is my third child…

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